Liberation War Museum
Documents on Crimes against Humanity Committed by Pakistan Army and their agents in Bangladesh during 1971
  Table of Content
Hamoodur Rahman Report (Supplementary)
Sheikh Hasina's speech about the crime of 1971 as 136 an opposition leader
UN Human Rights
A partial transcript of the tape recording of some conversation 167 between some of the Pakistan Army units operating in Dhaka on the night of March 25/26, 1971
List Of The War Criminals belonging to the Pakistan Military
What is to be done about the Pakistani War Criminals and Collaborators
Violation of Human Rights and Genocide in Bangladesh
The Leading Collaborators and their (present) whereabouts
Tears of Fire : Interview with International Personalities from Press & Human Rights Activists about 1971 Genocide
Reports on the excavation of two killing fields in 1999
'71 Massacre in Bangladesh and the fallacy in the H.R.C report
  Excerpts from various books related to 1971
  Witness To Surrender: by Siddiq Salik
Dedicated to the Martyrs of 1971 and other victims of crimes against humanity the World Over
" Let us remove hatred and prejudice from the world and let it begin with me"
This book is only a partial documentation of the crimes committed by the Pakistan Military and their Agents during 1971 in Bangladesh. We intend to continue a series of publication on this subject to bring those responsible for their crimes to justice. We appeal to the World Community to join us and condemn all 'crimes against humanity' anywhere at anytime.
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