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Philosophy : banglagallery.com is founded upon the vision that we have entered in a new communication era where Internet has a dynamic impact on our daily life either directly or indirectly. The proper use of this powerful tool can revolutionize the way we interact with each other, gather and share information and thus it can improve our quality of life.

Our purpose is to use this communication tool to promote our country and culture and to help Bangladeshi people living home and abroad to meet together, here, at this site to exchange their views and experiences as well as keep in touch. We are dedicated to keeping a clean and healthy network so people of all ages, different values and faith can enjoy each other presence.

° Welcome  to  our  world °

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If you find any of our site content interesting and like to use them for personal use then please email us. We "do not" share our material to be used in a commercial site.

A commercial site is one that advertises or sells goods or services, displays or links to material with the intention of generating revenue or is part of an intranet operated by a commercial organization. Most private sites posted by individuals are non-commercial.

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