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Bangladesh Table of Contents

Khulna CityKhulna, city, southwestern Bangladesh, in Khulna District, on the Kazi Bacha River, near the Ganges delta. An industrial city and trade center, it is a rail terminus and junction for river traffic; oceangoing vessels are serviced at the port of Chalna to the south. The surrounding swampy area contains forests and peat deposits, and rice, sugarcane, dates, coconuts, jute, and tobacco are grown here. Among industries in the city are rice, oilseed, and jute milling; cotton-textile weaving; shipbuilding; fishing; sawmilling; and the manufacture of newsprint, matches, and salt. A power station is the center of an irrigation project for the area. Population (1991) 601,051.


Bangladesh Table of Contents

Source: Microsoft ® Encarta ® Encyclopedia 2004



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