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 Dockyard at Narayanganj. Launch Made by wood. Painted for decoration and protection.Narayanganj, city, southeastern Bangladesh, a port on the Lakhya River, at its confluence with the Dhaleswari River, near Dhaka. A road center and rail terminus, the city serves as the river port of Dhaka. An industrial city specializing in jute and cotton milling, Narayanganj also engages in rice and sugar milling, tanning, shipbuilding, engineering, iron working, and the manufacture of leather, glass, chemicals, hosiery, paper products, and matches. It trades in jute, rice, fish, and oilseeds. A noted 16th-century mosque is here, and across the Dhaleswari River is the Idrakpur Fort (1660). Population (1991) 268,952.


Bangladesh Table of Contents

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