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Kantanagar Temple, DinajpurDinajpur, city in northern Bangladesh, located in northwestern Rajshahi Division, 140 km (90 mi) north of the city of Rajshahi. Dinajpur’s industries include jute and rice processing and thermoelectric power production. Dinajpur’s airport serves a large part of northern Bangladesh. A road and railway network connects the city with the rest of the country. There are eight colleges in Dinajpur. Historic attractions include Pala dynasty ruins from the 9th century and the ruins of Dinajpur Rajbari, a grand palace on the northeastern outskirts of the city. The Krishna Temple inside the palace is a magnificent example of Bengali architecture. Several forts remain in Dinajpur from the 16th to 18th centuries, when the Indian Mughal Empire controlled present day Bangladesh. The Kantanagar Temple (1752) is among the most ornate in Bangladesh and is situated just outside Dinajpur. Population (1991) 138,373.


Bangladesh Table of Contents

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