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Abdur Rahman Boyati

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[Abdur Rahman Boyati]Full Name: Abdur Rahman Boyati
Family Name: Boyati
Date of Birth: 01/01/1939
Place of Birth: Joyagonj, Dhaka
Nationality: Bangladeshi
Fathers Name: Late Tota Miah
Mothers Name: Moriyom Begum
Spouse Name: Hatun Zara

Number of Children: 3 sons : Md Mohiuddin, Md Alam, Md Azim and 3 daughters : Shubu Tara, Nurjahan and Runa Begum.
Profession: Folk artist, (poet, lyricist, tuner, vocal, music composer)
Professional Career Began: 1956
Music Style: Specialized in Boyati (folk) and all other form of other folk genre
Musical Inspiration: From nature & Mother
Music Teacher (guru): Kobi Alauddin Boyati (Poet Alauddin)
Group Name: Abdur Rahman Boyati Group formed in 1982

Group Formed: 1982
Instrument used by Boyati (specialized): Dutara, Violin, Harmonium, Khunjuri
Members of Group & the instruments: Nazrul Islam (dhuol), Md Jahangir (flute), Alam (harmonium), Baul Arshad (ektara), Musarraf (percussion), Habibur Rahman (dutara), Md Mojibor (mondira)
Domestic Performance: A.R. Boyati has performed almost everywhere in Bangladesh.
Performance Abroad : Around 42 countries of the world. Including USA, UK, former Soviet Union, China, Japan, Austria, Canada, India, Australia, etc.
Performing Media: Basically he is a stage performer who is also active in national media outlets such as Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television, and all private TV channels. He also performed as an actor in a Bangladeshi film named OSHOTI directed by Hafizuddin in 1989.
Status in Media: Special Grade

Awards: Six national awards including one Presidency Award. Also acquired numerous public and private awards an home and abroad. Some of them are: Zia Gold Medal (1999 & 2001), Shodesh & Songskritee Gold Medal (March 1998), Bangladesh Society of New Jersey, Jagorirni Silpi Ghustee Award in USA.etc
Special Performance: Invited by former US president Bush Sr. at a dinner party and cultural program at the White House. Also attended so many cultural programs in foreign mission of Bangladesh. US embassy in Bangladesh, South Asian cultural society (UN). Rutgers University in New Jersey (USA). He also led the delegation of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Government to perform in many international cultural programs and concerts at home and abroad.
Achievements: He owns the record of releasing about 700 albums. Of which 200 are mixed and 500 are solo works.
Special Achievements: Participated as an artist in the first single album in Bangladesh with FEEDBACK BAND (Deho Ghori-1995). This is the first folk fusion album/song in Bangladesh where anyone from folk background participated with band music and its style successfully. After this album/song the folk fusion in Bangladesh has started in large scale.

Bangladesh Table of Contents

Source: A Tribute to Abdur Rahman Boyati by amaderGaan

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