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Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain

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[Shahabuddin Ahmed] (1880-1932)


1880 Rokeya is born in the village of Pairaband

1896 Marriage to Khan Bahadur Syed Sakhawat Hossain, Deputy Magistrate, Bengal Civil Service, Settles in Bhagalpur, Bihar

1903-4 First publication of articles on the oppression of women, in various journals in Calcutta

1909 Death of Khan Bahadur Syed Sakhawat Hossain in Calcutta

1909 May 3 Rokeya establishes the Sakhawat Memorial Girls' School, Bhagalpur

1910 Rokeya leaves Baghalpur and settles in Calcutta

1911 Rokeya reopens the Sakhawat Memorial Girls School in Calcutta

March 16 1916 Founds the Anjuman-e-Khawatine-e-Islam, Bangla (Bengali Muslim Women's Association)

1917 Inspection of the Sakhawat Memorial Girls' School by Lady Chelmsford, wife of the Governor General and Viceroy of India Prominent Figures such as the Agha Khan, Sir Abdur Rahim Moulana Mohammad Ali, and others help the school

1926 Presides at the Bengal Women's Education Conference held in Calcutta

1931 Address, "The Bengali Muslims on their Way to Decline," given at the Sakhawat School

1932 Rokeya presides at a session of the Indian Women's Conference held in Aligarh

1932 Dies, December 9, Buried in Sodpur, near Calcutta. Condolence meeting attended by many Hindu and Muslim social workers and educators, both male and female, Albert Hall, Calcutta. Message of condolence sent by the Governor of Bengal. Condolence meeting held at the Sakhawat School. The Monthly Mohammadi brings out a special memorial issue.

Reportages from her famous book "The Secluded Ones"

Bangladesh Table of Contents

Source: In Retrospection: Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, Steps Towards Development (adhunika)

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